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Rubisco OxyGenase


MARCH 26-28, 2021



The symposium organizing committee, in consultation with university administration, have decided that it is prudent and necessary to postpone the Rubisco Oxygenase Symposium due to the COVID-19 situation until 2021. We will be reaching out with new details when they are available, and we appreciate your patience.






Why Attend?

Hear our esteemed speakers

Join experts in the fields of plant biology and physiology, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, computational biology and more.

Attend our poster session

Network with colleagues, make new connections, and see the current landscape or research related to and inspired by the discovery of Rubisco oxygenase at our poster session and reception.

Celebrate a milestone

The discovery of Rubisco oxygenase has had a profound foundational impact in science and continues through our present research and beyond.